About us

We are a group of programmers and IT specialist who love games. For few years we can’t understand why games are designed only for one or two platforms, not for all. We’d like to play PC games on our android or iOS devices, but we couldn’t. We’d like to play PS4 or XBOX games on our smarthpones or tablets and we couldn’t. Why? Android and iOS smartphones or tablets are very strong. They’ve got great processors, greaty HD screens which can display great graphic. W

So we started to test how to convert desktop game to android device and after few months of hard work we’ve finally done it. We discover how to convert files to SD package and run them on our phones or tablet. It wasn’t easy but it’s possible.

So we would like to share this idea with you. What can you find on androidBOSS.net?background

  • PC games emulated to ANDROID
  • PC games emulated to iOS
  • PS4 games emulated to ANDROID
  • PS4 games emulated to iOS
  • XBOX games emulated to ANDROID
  • XBOX games emulated to iOS
  • our author’s ANDROID emulator – you can also play android games on your PC without bluestacks
  • our author’s iOS emulator – you can also play iOS games on your PC

Of course, not every game is possible to emulate on android, iOS devices. But most of them can. On the website we publish only checked and working game content.

In the ‘How to play’ bookmark you can quickly learn how to download, install and play these games.

So now, enjoy, and ask us if you have any questions.

gameVLE team.